05 March Alex / Progress Update
By last post I thought I had cracked it. Connect bluetooth controller to raspberry pi - CHECK Identify interactions with controller on the raspberry pi - CHECK So I naively thought all I had to do was map the buttons to motor controls. Cue drawing of the controller and the buttons generated. Then my partner went away and used the controller to play a game, I connect later on and it’s all changed!
02 February Talia / Progress Update
With busy schedules we’ve found having time to code together a bit tricky but today was the day to make a lot of progress. Today we: * (retrospectively) added to the git repo (my bad..) * worked out how to connect a controller and map commands * investigated some designs for a shell for the robot (we’re thinking of 3D printing it)
23 November Alex / Progress Update
Theme Before applying we got to thinking about how our robot would fit in the theme. The theme for 2020 is Disaster Zone! It is all to do with natural and man-made disasters with a special nod to our favourite disaster movies. We cycled through the standard nuclear disaster, zombie apocalypse and similar ideas. It then (because we love music) got us thinking about songs that reference disasters and we arrived at ‘Nothing but Flowers’ by Talking Heads.
20 November Alex & Talia / piwars
We both love to code, solve puzzles but we’ve missed working together on a challenge. Piwars gives us a chance to learn new skills, and enhance others, while having something tangible to aim for. Thoughts from Talia: I particularly want to improve some programming skills that I don’t get to work on in my day job. I like the physical aspect of tweaking the robot as it gives a bit of change to sitting at a keyboard and coding.